Ultimate Freebirth Support Package
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Ultimate Freebirth Support Package

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If you’re looking for a complete immersion in everything you need to know about in order to optimize your freebirth, tailored to your specific situation, this package is for you. 

It could be that you’re starting from scratch on your freebirth journey, and you just don’t know where to begin, and you feel you need deep coaching on everything birth.

Maybe you’re recovering from a traumatic hospital birth, and while you know freebirth is the right choice, you still have a lot to unpack in order to feel safe, and you know the best way to do this is through sisterhood and the kind of processing and preparation you can only get from personal coaching.  

Perhaps you feel isolated on account of where you’re living or your political or family situation, and you’re looking for a  community of women who can walk with you on the path to making the birth you need and want a reality. 

This package gives you access to everything we have to offer, and includes intensive one-on-one support (and of course, if you would like to include your partner or birth team in your coaching sessions, you’re welcome to do so) as well as email support, our Free Birth Society Complete Guide to Freebirth course, and the option to have Emilee and/or Yolande work with you as you move through the course material. 

The Free Birth Society Ultimate Support Package Includes:
  • Free Birth Society’s Complete Guide to Freebirth course
  • 4 private Skype customized coaching sessions
  • Unlimited Access to our Monthly Live Group Coaching
  • Email support throughout your pregnancy
  • One postpartum virtual visit to ask questions and debrief your birth
This package will allow you to:
  • Create a clear plan of action for your freebirth
  • Ensure that all your birth-related questions are answered
  • Feel secure in the knowledge that your birth-team is in support and alignment with your choices
  • Establish firm, specific and compassionate boundaries with friends and family
  • Work through your fears around birth so that you feel confident in your decisions and joyfully anticipate your birth time