Deep Dive Into Freebirth
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Deep Dive Into Freebirth

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If you need more than a basic overview of freebirth, but you're also confident that with some one-on-one coaching you'll feel secure in your choices, this package is for you. 


It could be that there is a particular issue that's weighing on you, or that you have a list of concerns that you would like to explore more in-depth. 


Maybe you're looking for a few sessions with yourself and your partner to help him or her feel as great about freebirth as you do?


Perhaps you're not planning a freebirth at all, but want to discuss your midwife-assisted or hospital birth with women who know how to increase the chances of achieving a natural birth in an assisted environment.  All are welcome! 


No matter your worries or fears (and we *all* have them, promise!) this support package is extensive enough to allow for a deep dive into whatever area of freebirth or birth you need to focus on, in order to get clear on: 

  • what you really want
  • how to go about achieving it
  • an extensive exploration of complications, emergencies, and how to identify and manage these
  • any other area of *your* birth you want to explore

 This package includes:

  • 4 customized deep-dive Skype sessions during which your perspective, history and priorities will be centered
  • Questions answered via email between calls and leading up to your birth

Every woman has the potential to choose freebirth, and to birth in power. We're thrilled for you, you're in the right place, and we're here to support you on your path.