Basics & Review of Freebirth
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Basics & Review of Freebirth

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So, you've listened to the Free Birth Podcast, and you've read so many birth stories...and you're pretty sure freebirth is for you!  But, can you really do this?

Other women make it sound easy! Is freebirth actually for you?

Are you pretty sure freebirth is what you want, but you're not yet at the point that you can wrap your mind around how to go about it? 

Do you struggle with what might feel like an overwhelming amount of (often conflicting) information about birth online?

What you *actually* need to do/buy/test for/avoid in order to ensure as much as possible that you and your baby will remain safe and healthy?

You have worries. And, frankly, fears.

What if you bleed, or tear, or what if you just can't handle the pain and intensity of birth? 

Then there's the issue of other people.  

It's possible that you've mentioned freebirth to family members and they might not have been so supportive.  

Or they *are* supportive, as much as they can be, but they don't really get it, and you want to be able to express your plans confidently, or at least find strategies to navigate the social arena when almost everyone in our culture believes the myth that birth is always a medical event.

More importantly, how do you approach discussing freebirth with your partner for whom this whole idea might just sound completely bananas?

Not every woman has the same concerns, fears and anxieties when it comes to birth...but we *all* have concerns fears and anxieties!

This package is designed to lay a strong foundation of understanding freebirth, so that you will:

  • be clear on exactly what it is that you want for your birth
  • know how to go about making your perfect birth a reality
  • have the power and confidence to create strong and loving boundaries around your birth choices
  • understand the physiology of birth 

With this package, you'll be welcomed into a virtual circle of sisterhood, as we walk with you through your journey of becoming acquainted and comfortable with what birth means to you, who you are in relationship to birth, and the freebirth plan that you're making a reality.  

The package includes:

  • 2 Skype sessions during which you can focus on any topic you want to explore deeply
  • Questions answered via email between calls and leading up to your birth.

Birth is the blueprint for joyful mothering, happy babies and peace on earth.  We can't wait to meet you, and to support you on your journey to birth bliss.