"To Buy a Baby, You Must First Rent a Woman" with MaryLou Singleton: Surrogacy Series Part 1 of 3

"To Buy a Baby, You Must First Rent a Woman" with MaryLou Singleton: Surrogacy Series Part 1 of 3

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  • I see women have been taught to live outside their nature. Abortion is normalized, selling eggs is normal, selling children through adoption is normal. Women are still teaching their girls to be independent vs being interconnected and that girls inclinations are not as desirable as male oriented patterns.

    I have been working with women in family courts and the magistrates and judges openly take children for a life because a woman has anxiety, because she has been a victim of domestic violence. The last case I watched in Clearwater FL a magistrate ordered a woman to reveal her private OBGYN care in court. If we are going to protect women we have to be paying attention to family court. Lawyers brag on thousands of infants taken from their mothers at birth in hospitals.

    If women knew the injustices occurring in family court it would make you sick. I advise all women to become activists united by community.

    Mai Kim on
  • I was separated from my mother at birth, and given to another mother and father, sweet kind good people. I have never fully gotten over that separation. What about a babys right, my right, to not have been bought, sold, or to be a ‘wonderful selfless gift’ Thank goddess that this disregard of the rights of most vulnerable and voiceless members of our species is being bought to light.

    Jil on
  • Thank you for bringing this issue to your audience in such a comprehensive and clear way, it is so important speak out about surrogacy because the stakes are very high and I fear we’re nearing a point of no return. I admire your work in doing this, and also the value you place on how you learned about this topic as well from other wise women – thats the only way we’ll heal is by teaching and listening and learning with each other. its not easy and not everyone steps up to the plate to do that. So thank you 💙

    Madeline on
  • Wow. Thank you both for this episode.

    Rebecca on
  • I am deeply grateful for the way my eyes have been opened to the horrifying disrespect, misogyny, and objective harm to Motherbaby, that is surrogacy. Like you, I had little-to-no awareness of these issues until recent years.
    Thank you so much for your strong heart and big courage in spreading this awareness. These conversations are so important and I am really looking forward to going deeper over the next two weeks.
    Praying for the freedom, honouring, health and protection of all Motherbabies, all life .🙏🏼

    Eloise on

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