The Power of VBAC: Diana's Story

May 28, 2018

Our first VBAC show! Today we have Diana from Seattle, Washington with a true story of victory. Diana shares how her emergency c-section was caused by the interventions she received in her birth experience. Diana says, “I'd like people to know about how the cascade of interventions causes an emergency c section. The cascade being anesthesia > pitocin > heart decels from the pit and therefore causing an emergency and of course then needing a c-section to "save the baby”. When Diana found herself pregnant again she knew she needed to do everything she could to have a vaginal birth with her second, which was beautifully accomplished at home on her own terms, in the bed where her child was conceived. This is a true tale of overcoming fear, and learning to trust in ones ability to birth vaginally and naturally after a surgical birth. This is a healing and triumphant story.

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