"If You Know Grief, You Will Know Love": Celia's Surprise Twin Freebirth

October 15, 2021


We are kicking off Season 5 of the Free Birth Society Podcast with an incredible SURPRISE TWINS story!  

With her first birth, Celia was put through the conveyer belt of industrial obstetrics, but as she reflected on her birth experience postpartum, she came to the quick conclusion that there must be another way forward.

With her second pregnancy, Celia found freebirth, and after connecting with like-minded sisters in our very own Free Birth Society private membership, she committed to the path of undisturbed birth for her next baby.

Celia and her husband had a total surprise when she birthed, not one, but TWO babies!

Celia shares with us the sweet story of her late father guiding her through her process, the power of affirmations, and what life is like as a mother of three littles.

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