Birth & Her Many Lessons: Host Emilee Saldaya Tells Her Tale (Part 1)

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  • I also had a three day labor, with a midwife I called way too soon. I started pushy reflexes at 5-6 cm and started feeling nauseous, tired and intense hip pain…that’s when the midwife asked if I wanted to transfer. I had not thought about that until she said it. It was downhill from there. Only made it to 8 cm in the hospital. Three weeks away from what I plan to be a successful FBac 🙌

    Alyssa on
  • So brave. And beautiful. And full of AllThatIs. Thank you for taking this journey and sharing it. Much love, dearest Emilee

    Karen on
  • I recently started listening to this podcast recommended by a friend that had a free birth. I have had two babies at the hospital and had never heard about this until after my babies.
    I love listening to all these stories. And Emilee’s story has me in tears. I LOVE this podcast.

    Laura Vasquez on
  • OMG I’m in tears!!!!!so moving! You are a GODDESS!!Johnny’s a trooper🙌🏻💕🌈much love! On to part two!!!!!

    Tanya on
  • Your first half of story, with your dizzying description of spirit travel that brought me to my early teen years, to your head trip about the rate of “progress,” that roots me in the actual moment with my unschool/homeschool journey with my daughters as they enter pre-puberty (both of which were a terrifying time for me!) and I falter on the edge of grasping for someone, anyone, to validate our own “progress,” (read:public school…me? WHAT?) I am left now a little of both these things- dizzy, and SO reminded that I am doing something BIG! Wow, thank you immensely!!! I’m floored how Birth is always so representational of everything. And thank you to Divine Feminine who is now glowing in my mind’s eye since you named her as the energy of birth.
    I can’t remember being so moved and transformed by anything in ages, if ever.
    I’m not an exaggerator. This is big magic. 🙏

    Kelsey Mayo on

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