Amanda's VBAC As A Single Mama

Amanda's VBAC As A Single Mama

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  • Grateful for your sharing, my 1st birth was a c-section that I now understand in my heart and soul was unnecessary… on Labor Day weekend! By a new bottom of the Totum pole young OB, the scare tactic stories that had been laid on me for weeks to have a c-section prior to any signs that I my 1st child was ready , by the senior OBs( so as not to interfere with their time off for Labor Day weekend vacations… I am so proud of you and your strength and innate wisdom to have your second birth your way! Namaste

    Paddington Matz on
  • Thank you so much for sharing. My first child was born by C-section and I’m looking to have my second child as a free birth as well. It was great to hear your story.

    Kiy on

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