Tara’s Freebirth Story

February 08, 2019

Saturday night I started experiencing pre labor contractions and slept through most of it, rising early Sunday feeling more intense contractions throughout the day. I tried to do my normal work routine and was going to run errands with Andre’ but decided to stay home and run a bath as I felt labor coming soon. Andre’ stayed home with me and filled my bath and I labored in there for a little bit but couldn’t get comfortable. I asked Andre’ to fill up my birthing tub and as he did my contractions were really intensifying.

By the time I got in my birthing tub my contractions were only a few minutes apart. Every surge that came through was an intensity and power I’ve never felt before. I labored in darkness by myself for almost five hours because any outside influences were super distracting for me. I told Andre’ to leave the room and I’ll call him in when I’m ready. As my surges intensified I could hear a voice in my head that said to change scenery and surrender. My skin was already super pruny at that point from being in water for so long. I was so fixated on having a water birth that for a good hour or two while laboring I ignored this voice of intuition.

I got to a point where the surges were so intense and I felt like I couldn’t do it anymore. I called Andre’ in and asked him to help me out of the tub. He started doing Reiki on me first and I instantly threw up and felt a little better. Andre’ helped walk me to our bedroom and all I wanted to do was to lay on our soft comfy bed and relax. I felt beyond exhausted. I asked him if he could either make this labor progress or make it stop until tomorrow because I was so tired. I knew obviously it wouldn’t stop but this was my doubt as I neared transition. Andre’ facilitated more Reiki as I laid on my side on our bed.

One more intense contraction and my mucus plug came out. I went to the bathroom and had my bloody show. “This is it!!” Andre’ says. I didn’t know how close I was to meeting our daughter. I got on my hands and knees next to our heater and started feeling the most intense surges until the point where I felt a shit coming on. I started squeezing and felt the sensation more. I got up and waddled/ran to the bathroom thinking poop was coming out but as I did Andre says “omg I see the head!!!” I’m in shock. “No you don’t” I say in disbelief. I reach down and feel her tiny head inside the sack. All pain instantly leaves and I know what I need to do. I bare down feeling her head more and more. I stand and squat to help her ease out and with one big surge the head and the rest of her body come flying out into my arms. I instantly take her out of the sack and the cord from behind her neck and bring her up to me.

She is here, she is perfect, she is everything. I did it. 11:01pm our daughter Tara entered Earthside. Not more than five minutes later I birthed my placenta into my hands and we did her lotus birth. The most amazing, powerful and intense experience you could ever have as a women is to catch your own babies. To birth them in a way that causes no trauma and allow them to be in the sacredness of those that love them most. The support I received from Andre’ throughout my whole pregnancy and delivery was more than I could have asked for.

It is soul important to have someone taking care of pregnant momma and then momma and baby after birth. Andre’ is the most compassionate, caring and loving man I’ve ever met and having him as my sacred birth Keeper was such a blessing.

Throughout this pregnancy I had no doctors appointments, no doulas/midwives, ultrasounds, Doppler’s, etc. Tara grew inside of me completely undisturbed and I trusted my body the whole time that she would be perfect and healthy. I trust in the divine process that is birth and knew that all would flow harmoniously for our family.

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